Izakaya WA

いらっしゃいませ~ (ee-RAH-shy-mase)
*This is a common Japanese phrase used to welcome each guest who walks in.

Welcome to Izakaya WA (ee-ZAH-ka-ya WA),
Houston’s first and only Japanese owned & operated izakaya with one location!

Why are we called Izakaya WA?

It’s simple! We want to provide a casual environment for enjoying food and drinks,
and that’s what an izakaya is for!

In Japan, izakayas are places where it is common to drink & relax while enjoying many sample-sized dishes similar to the concept of tapas.

“WA” represents Japan and also means harmony.

Since there are many other izakaya-style establishments, we want to set ourselves apart by offering an authentic izakaya environment with true Japanese style dishes and atmosphere.

Here you can enjoy the same style of dining, drinking, and relaxing.

We also offer a selection of local craft beers as well as beer on draft, hand selected wine, and Japanese sake.

This is a combination you will be sure to enjoy.

ありがとうございました! (ah-ree-GAH-to go-zai-MA-shi-ta)
*Don’t be alarmed by this expression! It is the way we show appreciation for your visit!